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MSNBC Panel: 'Offensive' to Label Rioters 'Thugs;' the 'New N-Word'


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<p>Alex Wagner and her two left-wing panelists on the 29 April 2015 edition of her MSNBC program &ndash; Salon&#39;s Brittney Cooper and The Nation&#39;s Ari Berman &ndash; likened the use of the word &quot;thug&quot; to describe the rioters and looters in Baltimore, Maryland on Monday to a notorious racial slur against blacks. Wagner played up how &quot;there are folks, like CNN&#39;s Erin Burnett, who don&#39;t understand why it&#39;s offensive; and why some people are saying the &#39;T&#39; word is the new &#39;N&#39; word.&quot;</p>

<p>Cooper claimed that &quot;thug&quot; is &quot;rooted in a racialized understanding of black people.&quot; Berman also asserted that &quot;the use of the word &#39;thug&#39; has been used to delegitimize the actions of many because of the actions of a few...the &#39;black live matter&#39; movement has been a peaceful movement....And so, by making it seem like everyone &#39;black lives matter&#39; is now a thug, you&#39;re trying to delegitimize a movement and mis-characterize it.&quot;</p>

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