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MSNBC Panel Describes Trump Admin as 'Seinfeld Presidency,' Calls Him the National Emergency


During Wednesday's edition of Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough and his panel reacted with scorn to President Trump's Oval Office address. Scarborough described the government shutdown as a "Seinfeld shutdown," adding that it is "all about nothing."  Co-host Mika Brzezinski interrupted Scarborough to describe the Trump Presidency as "a Seinfeld Presidency."  Brzezinski had compared President Trump to a fictional character last year, saying that he was like "Fred Flintstone running the country."  Scarborough then tried to argue that "his heart wasn't really in it last night," adding that "he's not really good in that medium," before giving him a backhanded compliment: "he can do things in front of a crowd that very few politicians can ever do." After Scarborough wondered why President Trump's White House staff allowed him to "waste one of the most powerful tools in any President's political arsenal," panelist Mike Barnicle tried to argue that the networks would not "give him the airwaves" if a "real crisis" develops; effectively making a "boy who cried wolf" argument.  Barnicle said that President Trump "gets right up to the edge of this as a national emergency," before arguing that "well, there is a national emergency, I would submit. And we saw it last night. It's him." 

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