MSNBC Panel Defends ‘Uncle Tim’ Slur, Says He Doesn’t Understand Racism

Curtis Houck | April 29, 2021
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MSNBC’s The ReidOut went all out in showing its hatred for Senator Tim Scott (R-SC), trashing his speech as proof he deserved the label “Uncle Tim” on account of his support for the party that they claimed was the reason why he grew up poor and his grandfather was illiterate. Worse yet, they argued that, since Scott refused to America “a racist country,” he doesn’t understand racism while white liberals like Pete Buttigieg.

But more broadly, it helped further reveal on Thursday what many have pointed to, which is the vitriol further underlined the left’s disdain for America, intolerance toward racial minorities who identify aren’t progressive, and believe that such people of color are loathsome or less intelligent or for not recognizing what’s in their best interest.