MSNBC on New Trump Immigration Policy: 'This is What White Nationalism Looks Like in Policy'

Ryan Foley | August 13, 2019
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Not surprisingly, the panel on Monday's edition of Deadline: White House did not react favorably to "a new rule announced by the Trump administration earlier today" that "makes it harder for low-income legal immigrants who receive food stamps or other government assistance to stay in this country." Jason Johnson of The Root declared "this is what white nationalism looks like in policy." After explaining that "white nationalism is a belief that America is a white, Christian, straight country and if you're not a white straight Christian, they don't want you here," Johnson highlighted what he saw as examples of white nationalist policies put into practice by the Trump administration, specifically "terrifying people with sort of aggressive, drastic raids by ICE" and "policies created by Stephen Miller to make it harder and harder...for people to get here." Also, "Republican" Elise Jordan complained that the Trump administration has "defiled the Statue of Liberty in a pretty extreme way" and described the fact that "we aren't bringing in refugees anymore" as "a moral stain on America."