MSNBC Lets Deray Suggests Cops Have Themselves to Blame for Dallas Due to Shootings


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<p>Far-left Black Lives Matter activist Deray Mckesson conducted Monday afternoon interviews with CNN and MSNBC in light of his weekend arrest during a Baton Rouge, Louisiana protest and each went quite differently as MSNBC&rsquo;s Kristen Welker allowed Mckesson to recklessly blame police for the deadly Dallas shootings because no one would have been in the street if they hadn&rsquo;t shot black men to death.</p>

<p>In contrast, CNN&rsquo;s Ashleigh Banfield only half the time Welker was allotted to hammer Mckesson on past tweets of his about law enforcement that many deemed hateful and unbecoming of a public figure.</p>

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