MSNBC Hypes NYT Report on Illegal Alien Family Separation



I mean, there is just no mystery about this. It's why she's being selected. And, just yesterday, the President said he wants nine justices on the Supreme Court because he wants to challenge mail-in voting, and he wants the Supreme Court to vote on that. How do you think Amy Coney Barrett is going to vote? He's putting her on the Court to help him win reelection in a political sense and in a very specific sense, to throw out votes he doesn't want. I mean, you know, it's sometimes important to see what's right in front of you, and what's right in front of you is why Amy Coney Barrett is the leading candidate for this post.


1. abortion case1 and case2 and case3 and case4 and case5

gallup poll and marist poll

2. police violence case1 and goes back years case 2 and case 3 guyger v noor and case4

3. slow to inform on police violence case1 and case2 and case3 and case4

4. fake hate crime and did not update

5. guns universal background checks and charleston loophole case1 and case2 and case3 and case4 and case5 and case6

discredited polling

obama era background check but not true

allowing guests to mislead

6. noticing immigration enforcement activities that were also done under obama

fixated on story and took a while to finally admit polish doctor had recent brushes with the law that made him a target of deportation

transferring money from fema to ice

7. claiming illegal border crossers who seek asylum did not actually break the law by crossing the border without permission and case2 and case3 and case4 and

8. conflate legal and illegal case1 and case2 and case3 and case4 and case5 and case6 and

wrongly accusing nielsen of lying about child separation

reality check kids misleadingly downplayed reports that 2,000 non-citizens who committed homicides were deported in 2018

reality check misleading on kids in cages and why illegal immigrant families separated at border

rc tried to undermine trump by incorrectly suggesting bush was president when ana illegal immigrant murdered police officers even though it was five years into obama's presidency during a time when sanctuary cities might have helped him remain

9. suggested it was unprecedented to separate from parents even though obama admin also sometimes did it

10. hyped trump admin pursuing the issue of birth certificate fraud even though not a new issue, past admins also did it

11. never told viewers he was a homicide suspect being extradited to mexico

12. claim legal immigrants separated again and again and 

10. weekend promoted film misleadingly accusing gop of becoming motivated to enact "voter suppression" in response to obama being elected, and repeating claims of nefarious activity by republicans in georgia over and over and over and 

11. making highly questionable claims that illegals have a lower crime rate than citizens and case2 and case3 and case4

other cnn making dubious claims that illegals commit less crime

12. blaming trump for illegals rushing the border without informing that even during obama admin rejected 80 percent of asylum claims from central american countries

blaming trump for illegals crossing in desert even though they also did during obama admin

13. lost 1500 children

14. cp5 again and again 

15 transgender bathroom law in nc again and again and again

even though he did not and substantial evidence of guilty

7. no mention of tara reade

8. repeated duckworth's claim that trump spoke about "dead Confederates" at rushmore

9. both weekday and weekend cheered on cocky teacher who tried to correct a letter from trump white house even though it turned she was the one who was not aware that proper writing is different for the white house

10 abrams not allowed at gov mansion

11. misleading video that made it look like a cop kicked a man in the head like a football while he was on ground

12 repeated a false and frequently used dem talking point that mcconnell declared his top goal to was to make obama one-term prez as soon as elected

if break the law, you're separated


November 6

1. washpost

2. nat review

3. wash examiner

4. cis1 study

5. cis2 factcheck

6. cis 2017 some studies are misleading because combine those are free with those who are incarcerated and unable escape -- and the herald cites and examiner cites

7. case management more expensive, and focus on selective number

8. sept 2018 cis debunk study

9. jan 2019 43 pct dont show up

10. wall st absentia confusing

11. many asylum seekers never apply

12. sessions stats

13.  credible hearing

14. removal proceedings

15. first caravan april asylum ***

16. publicized and called themselves

17.detention facilities

18. dna cases

19. cases

20. cases

highly misleading and failed to shed light on the critical issues like the large percentage who never apply for asylum or who have their cases rejected, and who then cannot be easily removed from the country

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