MSNBC Host: ‘How Much Blame’ Does Trump Get for Montana Incident?


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<p>During Thursday&rsquo;s 3 p.m. ET hour, MSNBC anchor Craig Melvin just naturally assumed that President Trump deserved blame for Montana congressional candidate Creg Gianforte assaulting a reporter: <strong>&ldquo;And how much blame should President Trump get, considering some of the rhetoric that we&rsquo;ve heard from this president and &ndash; well, before he was president &ndash; and from the candidate himself?&rdquo;</strong></p>

<p>That question was first directed at former Illinois Republican Congressman Joe Walsh, whose response focused solely on denouncing Gianforte&rsquo;s actions. Melvin then repeated his Trump-bashing question to Democratic strategist Jamal Simmons: <strong>&ldquo;How much blame should the President get? How much responsibility should he bear given a fair amount of the rhetoric that&rsquo;s been aimed at the media?&rdquo;</strong></p>

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