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MSNBC: ‘Historic Figure’ Pelosi ‘Poised to Make History Again,’ Build on Her Wisdom


[See NewsBusters for more.] The historic Nancy Pelosi is going to make history again. That’s the cheering response from MSNBC on Thursday as journalist Kasie Hunt offered the equivalent of a press release for the hard-left Democrat. Describing the women being sworn in as new members of Congress, Hunt touted the incoming Speaker as a “historic figure.” The MSNBC graphic for the segment proclaimed, “Pelosi Poised to Make History Again By Becoming House Speaker.” (How is she making history again? She became the first female Speaker in 2007, so it can’t be that. By serving non-consecutively as Speaker? Hunt didn’t clarify.)  Hunt informed viewers that the Democrat “views herself as somebody who has collected years of wisdom and experience.” Well, it’s good to know that Pelosi thinks Pelosi is very impressive. 

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