MSNBC 'Historian' Equates Jan. 6 to the 'Holocaust' and Video of the Camps

Nicholas Fondacaro | January 6, 2022
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One of the major rules of politics is don’t compare anything to the Holocaust because you look like a fool. And that’s exactly what MSNBC’s far-left “historian” Douglas Brinkley did during Thursday’s January 6 festivities on Craig Melvin Reports. And not only did he compare the riot at the Capitol to the systematic killing of 6 million Jews, but he also declared America in a “neo-civil war” and warned of “dark, troubled times” ahead.

Brinkley kicked off his ridiculous comments by praising Congresswoman Liz Cheney (R-WY) as having “become our true profiles in courage.” Adding: “The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library Foundation every year gives an award. It should go to her,” and compared her to President Abraham Lincoln.

Next came his gross comparison to the Holocaust where he compared video of the riot to President Eisenhower documenting the concentration camps to counter deniers. “But we have film footage of what happened on January 6, we have proof. Dwight Eisenhower, during World War II, made sure all the Holocaust camps were filmed. So, we’ve got the film footage,” he bragged.


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