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MSNBC Guest Blasts Reid on Anti-Semitism Labeling, Tells Him to Check Out Lefty Colleges


<p><em>See more in the <a href="…; target="_blank">cross-post</a> on the NewsBusters blog.</em></p>

<p>Following Harry Reid&rsquo;s speech Tuesday afternoon on the Senate floor trashing Donald Trump as he did with Mitt Romney, MSNBC guest and liberal lawyer Alan Dershowitz slammed Reid for loosely tossing around the accusation of anti- &nbsp;Semitism among Trump&rsquo;s staff and suggested Reid check out far-left college campus for real instances of anti-Semitism.</p>

<p>Dershowitz was speaking to <em>MSNBC Live</em>&rsquo;s 4:00 p.m. Eastern host Steve Kornacki when he blasted Reid for using the term anti-Semitism and suggested he think carefully about<strong> &ldquo;unsafe spaces&rdquo; </strong>because he<strong> &ldquo;should go to college campuses and see how unsafe they are for people on the right, for Christians, for Jews who support Israel.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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