MSNBC Devoted 65 Minutes on Monday to Pushing Kansas Abortion Vote

Scott Whitlock | August 3, 2022
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[See NewsBusters for more.] On Tuesday, a pro-life referendum in Kansas went down to defeat, a ballot initiative that would have removed abortion rights from the state’s constitution. Showing that there’s no bigger supporter of the abortion agenda than the liberal media, MSNBC devoted a whopping 65 minutes to touting the vote. And that was just in a 12 hour span. All day on Tuesday, MSNBC journalists excitedly hyped the idea that Kansas pro-lifers might fail. MRC NewsBusters analysts looked at 12 hours of coverage on MSNBC, from 9AM until 9 PM. The liberal cable network portrayed this as the most important story of the day. 

MSNBC featured live reports from Kansas, discussions, and interviews at 9:47AM, 10:31AM, 11:01AM, 11:03AM, 11:07AM, 12:32PM, 1:02PM, 1:23PM, 2:31PM, 3:51PM, 4:48PM, 5:26PM, 6:12PM, 7:21PM, 8:02PM, 8:34PM and finally at 8:52PM. (This doesn’t include the full election results discussions that continued from 9PM to midnight.)

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