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MSNBC Cuts Away from Trump Rally to Smear Him and Supporters


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Throughout President Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Phoenix, Arizona, MSNBC’s The Last Word would break away from the live video in order to do on-the-fly commentary, which often included attacking the President on what he was saying. Towards the end of the of the 10 o’clock hour, host Lawrence O’Donnell left the Trump rally behind to really give his stacked liberal panel a good go at Trump and his supporters.

O’Donnell began by going to Jennifer Rubin to hype possible GOP primary opponents Trump could possibly face. “Oh yeah, I think if he lasts that long, I think there is some question whether he is going to wear out his welcome before then or that he is going to have a complete break with reality,” Rubin sneered.

She described the President as a “basket case” and then proceeded to chastise Republican politicians for not fighting against him. “My regret is they've all been so cowardly for so long and did nothing to stop him and it took this long to whisper on background that he was unfit,” she exclaimed.


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