MSNBC Calls Pro-Life Laws Racist, Not Really Pro-Life

Alex Christy | April 16, 2022
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[See NewsBusters for more.] When MSNBC needed to a guest host for Saturday’s edition of Velshi, it settled on Voto Latino’s Maria Teresa Kumar. When the liberal activist proceeded to interview abortion activist Rebecca Tong the natural conclusion MSNBC reached was that pro-life laws are racist and pro-lifers aren’t really pro-life.

Towards the end of her conversation with Tong, which specifically target Oklahoma, Kumar wondered, “So, one of the questions I want to ask you is that Texas is a majority-minority state. 65% of women in Texas ages 18 to 29 are women of color. In Oklahoma it's 42%. This is a region of the country that has a large, young and, growing non-white population and they're the ones most affected. What can you tell us about the patients who come to your clinics?”