MSNBC Is ‘a Bit Lost’ on Trump’s Russia Policy, Chides Use of Twitter


<p>Even with many of their top personalities on vacation Friday, it didn&rsquo;t slow down MSNBC&rsquo;s smearing of President-Elect Donald Trump. Fill in host Katy Tur was in an admitted state of confusion in <em>MSNBC Live</em>, because of perceived conflicts with Trump&rsquo;s approach to dealing with Russia. &ldquo;<strong>You know, I&#39;ve got to say, I got a bit of whiplash here. I&#39;m not quite sure what&#39;s going on. Mark, can you break it down for me,</strong>&rdquo; she asked her guest, Mark Jacobson, a former adviser to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter.</p>

<p>Earlier that morning Trump contacted <em>Morning Joe</em>&rsquo;s Mika Brzezinski and announced a possible new arms race with Russia, then a few hours later he released a letter he received from Russian President Vladimir Putin, described by Trump as &ldquo;very nice.&rdquo; That is where Tur confusion was drawn from.</p>

<p>&ldquo;<strong>I&#39;m not quite sure what&#39;s going on between Trump&#39;s back and forth with his own people over the statements on nuclear weapons and, look, only Donald Trump could make Vladimir Putin seem like a diplomat,</strong>&rdquo; Jacobson, the former Obama administration official, chided. &ldquo;<strong>I mean, this back and forth congratulatory tone between the two for them really ignores the realities that are going on,</strong>&rdquo; he continued.</p>

<p>Jacobson&rsquo;s attack is rather ridiculous since he worked for a presidential administration that believed they could &ldquo;reset&rdquo; America&rsquo;s relationship with Russia, and who openly mocked Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney for accurately identifying Russia as the country&rsquo;s top geo-political threat. &ldquo;<strong>Whether it&rsquo;s in Aleppo, in Ukraine, and I&rsquo;m just stunned that you have a Republican presidential&mdash;president-elect who is taking this sort of line on the Russians,</strong>&rdquo; he argued unironically.</p>

<p>Tur was still &ldquo;a bit lost,&rdquo; but teed up Jacobson by wondered if that meant that Trump&rsquo;s plan of being unpredictable was working. He swung away, declaring, &ldquo;<strong>I don&#39;t mean to sound glib but we&rsquo;re starting to see the corner stones of the Trump foreign policy as being inconsistency, ignorance, and maybe irresponsibility.</strong>&rdquo; But those things are exactly what we got during the Obama years with the Syrian &ldquo;red line,&rdquo; overlooking Russia, and now <a href="…; target="_blank">turning his back</a> on Israel to name a few.</p>

<p>Both Tur and Jacobson were up in arms over Trump&rsquo;s use of Twitter to release statements to the public, &ldquo;<strong>You don&#39;t work international relations via Twitter,</strong>&rdquo; he exclaimed. But the Obama administration had been the pioneer of hashtag activism for years, remember First Lady Michelle Obama fighting Boko Haram terrorists with &ldquo;#BringBackOurGirls?&rdquo;</p>

<p>Playing off of her guest, Tur tried to diminish Trump&rsquo;s presidency by feigning concern for Trump&rsquo;s cabinet. &ldquo;<strong>How do you think &hellip; General Mattis is going to be reacting to this now, realizing that he&#39;s got somebody who potentially going to change nuclear policy through a tweet,</strong>&rdquo; she asked while sounding irritated and crossing her arms.</p>

<p>Before moving on to discussing Russian hacking, Jacobson had a dire warning for the MSNBC audience:</p>

<p><strong>I think Jim Mattis and frankly, Mike Flynn and Tillerson and others are going to have to put him in that groove or we&#39;re going to be in a dangerous place in this nation.</strong> <strong>And so, I&rsquo;m telling you what needs to happen, I&#39;m not confident yet that they&#39;ll be able to do that with Trump. </strong></p>

<p>This kind of vitriol would never be tolerated by the left if it was Hillary Clinton who was headed to the Oval Office. MSNBC wouldn&rsquo;t think to bring on a former George W. Bush official to bash her, they only air the ones bashing Republicans.&nbsp;</p>

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