MSNBC Banned from Rittenhouse Trial, Caught STALKING Jurors


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In a possible attempt to follow the jurors in the murder trial of Kyle Rittenhouse home, harass them, or dox them Wednesday night, an NBC/MSNBC producer named James G. Morrison was stopped by Kenosha police after he blew through a stoplight while chasing down the jury bus as they left the courthouse. This incident led Judge Bruce Schroeder to ban MSNBC from the courthouse building for the remainder of the trial.

“Last evening, a person who identified himself as James J. Morrison, and who claimed that he was a producing with NBC News and played for MSNBC, and under the supervision of a person … named Irene Byon in New York for MSNBC,” Judge Schroeder recounted from the bench Thursday afternoon.

According to police, Morrison volunteered this information after he was caught. “The police, when they stopped him because he was following at about a distance of a block, went through a red light.


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