MRCTV Reporter Threatened By Eric Holder's Security

Corwin Parks | October 22, 2012
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MRCTV's Joe Schoffstall attempted to find out exactly what Attorney General Eric Holder was telling Justice Department lawyers who are in charge of enforcing federal election laws in the final two weeks leading up the Presidential election.

As expected, Schoffstall was denied access to the meeting after saying he was part of the media. The meeting included DOJ lawyers taking personal photographs with the Attorney General. It was held at 1800 G Street NW in downtown Washington, D.C. 

As the AG exited the building, Schoffstall asked Holder if it was appropriate to be taking photographs with the DOJ lawyers who are in charge of executing election laws as President Obama is up for reelection and Holder's own position is on the line.

Holder ignored the question and continued on to his SUV.

However, one of his security personnel approached Schoffstall and said, “Hey sir, they're going be nice to you, I’m not." 

The security detail then pushed him back onto the grounds of the building which he claimed was federal government property. It is not. It is a private building in which the federal agencies rent space.

Schoffstall reiterated numerous times he's on the sidewalk which is a public area and that he can ask a question.

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