MRC's Tim Graham Highlights Notable Quotables Worst of the Worst 2015 on Newsmax TV


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<p>The MRC&rsquo;s Tim Graham joined Newsmax TV on Tuesday night with host Steve Malzberg to elaborate on the MRC&rsquo;s Notable Quotables Worst of the Worst 2015 winners, including overall winner Melissa Harris-Perry of MSNBC declaring on October 25 that the term<strong> &ldquo;hard worker&rdquo; </strong>has racist connotations.</p>

<p>Reacting to Harris-Perry taking first place as the worst quote from the liberal media in 2015, Graham simply stated that <strong>&ldquo;[t]his is what happens when you put a radical leftist professor on television for two hours every Saturday and Sunday&rdquo; </strong>to which Malzberg added that<strong> &ldquo;[s]he&rsquo;s a gift that keeps on giving.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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