MRC's Rich Noyes Says Best Path To Stop Lib Media Is 'Showcase' Their 'Sloppy Journalism'

Scott Whitlock | February 24, 2017
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[See NewsBusters for more.] The MRC's Rich Noyes on Friday appeared on Fox News to discuss reports that the White House is blocking some media outlets from an off-camera press gaggles. The research director suggested an alternative path for reporters, saying Donald Trump should continue to “criticize them.” He added, “If you have a problem, point them out. Showcase it. Make sure everybody understands why that was sloppy journalism and let the chips fall where they may after you air the dirty laundry.” However, Noyes cautioned, “But once you start cutting people out of access, that is a weapon that has been used by the Obama administration on conservative outlets, non-liberal outlets. There is going to be a president after this one and a president after that one.”

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