MRC’s Rich Noyes: Media Would Have Freaked If Bush Had an Informant in Obama Campaign

Scott Whitlock | May 23, 2018
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[See NewsBusters for more.] The Media Research Center’s Rich Noyes on Wednesday appeared on the Fox Business Network to showcase the hypocrisy of journalists in reacting to a secret informant within the 2016 Trump campaign. Talking to host Neil Cavuto, Noyes explained: “These new stories about an informant talking to Trump people and reporting back to the FBI what they said, that would have been a big story if it had happened to the Obama team under say, a Republican administration, the Bush administration.” Noyes added of possible abuses against Trump during the campaign: “We've had 1400, 1500 minutes of coverage speculating about what the Trump campaign might have done wrong vis-a-vis Russia in 2016. There has been very, very little coverage from the mainstream media.” 

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