MRC's Rich Noyes Joins FBN to Sound Off on Matt Lauer, Future of NBC News

Curtis Houck | November 29, 2017
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On the Wednesday edition of FBN’s Risk and Reward, the MRC’s Rich Noyes told Liz MacDonald that, concerning the firing of NBC’s Matt Lauer for sexual misconduct allegations, it’s difficult to believe NBC News president Andy Lack didn’t know of Lauer’s misdeeds “unless he's living in a cave or everybody else whose talking on the record is lying.”

MacDonald started by asking how Lack fit into the story, so Noyes recounted Lack’s history at NBC going back to his first stint following “the Dateline General Motors exploding car controversy” from the 1990's when the newsmagazine deceptively blew up cars that wouldn’t explode like they had thought.

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