MRC’s Noyes, Newsmax’s Malzberg Slam Media for Hyping Police Incidents, Ignoring Bad Obama News

Curtis Houck | June 9, 2015
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See more in the NB Staff post on the NewsBusters blog.

Appearing on the Tuesday edition of Newsmax TV’s The Steve Malzberg Show, the Media Research Center’s Research Director Rich Noyes joined host Steve Malzberg to discuss new studies by the MRC on the media’s continued obsession with police misconduct, the flood of coverage given to the Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn, and the lack of criticism on the networks for Obama’s foreign policy.

Commenting on the most recent police incident in Dallas, Texas, Noyes chalked it up to being yet another event where “the national media have parachuted in to perpetuate the story that the police are the ones that are out of control in this country.”

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