MRC’s Houck Slams the Liberal Media’s ‘Misinformation’ Campaign on Guns

Curtis Houck | May 31, 2022
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Check out the link to the NB Staff post here at NewsBusters!

Appearing on the early Saturday/late Friday edition of the Fox News Channel’s Fox News @ Night, NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck took on the best and worst in the liberal media, slamming the liberal media for their “misinformation” campaign on guns with hyperbolic rhetoric that “doesn’t accomplish anything.”

Houck spoke to host Shannon Bream alongside Babylon Bee managing editor Joel Berry, who led off by highlighting MSNBC host Joy Reid’s venomous Thursday night screed that insisted Republicans don’t care about the lives of dead children (like in Uvalde, Texas) and that there’s “no mental health issue” regarding mass shooters.