MRC’s Houck Joins FNC, Newsmax to Slam the Lefty Media Covering for Biden 2024 (Pt. 1)

Curtis Houck | June 29, 2023
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Check out the link to the NB Staff post here from NewsBusters!

NewsBusters managing editor Curtis Houck was all over conservative media late Wednesday and early Thursday as he joined Newsmax’s Eric Bolling: The Balance and the Fox News Channel’s Fox News @ Night with Trace Gallagher to highlight the latest MRC time counts into the liberal broadcast network coverage of recent Biden family scandals as well as attempts by said networks to downplay and explain away both.

Gallagher led off his time with Houck by citing new Fox polling showing only 33 percent of Americans approve of how President Biden’s handled the economy with 65 percent disapproving. With numbers like that, Gallagher said Team Biden running their 2024 bid on the economy would be like “running on Afghanistan.”