MRC’s Brent Bozell Slams the Liberal Media’s ‘Stunning’ Bias, ABC Covering Up for Epstein

Curtis Houck | November 13, 2019
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Check out the link to the NB Staff post here from NewsBusters!

Appearing Wednesday on the Fox Business Network, Media Research Center President Brent Bozell told Trish Regan on her eponymous prime time show that the liberal media have shown “such hypocrisy” on the Trump whistleblower. And in reacting to our latest study, Bozell ruled that they have put our “ peril” with their rampant, anti-Trump bias.

After three generous teases (each accompanied by a video mash-up of liberal journalists saying “impeachment”), Regan began with the scandal enveloping ABC after Project Veritas exposed their decision to quash reporting about Jeffrey Epstein.

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