Mozilla's Firing of CEO Brendan Eich Exemplifies the Left's Tendency Towards Totalitarianism


<p style="text-align: justify;">Dennis Prager on yesterdays show dealt well with the Mozilla/Firefox issue that cuts to the quick of the matter. That is, the Left's innate, inherent, built-in tendency to require totalitarian adherence to its viewpoint. One need only realize that <em>EVERY </em>totalitarian movement in the past 100+ years has been leftist in nature. I have two posts on this that are worth reading:</p><ol style="text-align: justify;"><li>

<a href="…; target="_blank"><strong>Mozilla Co-Founder Brendan Eich Out for Marriage Views (UPDATED)

<a href="…; target="_blank"><strong>The “Gay Gestapo” Needs to Be Routed, Liberty Demands It!

</strong></a></li></ol><p style="text-align: justify;">For more clear thinking like this from Dennis Prager... I invite you to visit:</p><p>&nbsp;</p&gt;

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