A Mosque Being Destroyed by the Angolan Government

papagiorgio200 | November 24, 2013
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Angola is the first country to ban Islam. (See RPT's post on this.) They have noticed, I'm sure, a trend as Islam spreads -- and probably have experienced it personally. Islam IS violent, inherently. And it spreads by violence, typically. (Don't believe me, spend some time on The Religion of Peace. Caution, common sense and honesty needed to draw logical conclusions to form a truthful conclusion.)

Here is a ruff translation from the YouTube I pulled it from, obviously he is sympathetic, whereas I am not:

  • Once more warn: The destruction of nine (9) above mosques, should be stopped immediately and demand that the President Angola apologize to Muslims worldwide. If not, then we would like to invite the Muslim community to hold peaceful demonstrations in front of the buildings of Angolan embassies worldwide.

And yes, it is out of focus -- it's Africa for God's sake.

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