Mosque application stopped by Mosquebusters

(not verified) | August 4, 2011
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Pay special attention to the arguments used in point 3. This is brilliant. I hope council was paying close attention.

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Thank you, sir. I’ll be brief.



Three issues: overshadowing, parking and your powers as a local authority.



First of all, this building will be nine meters high. It is designed to dominate the area and to overlook its neighbours. In particular, the Kingdom Old Church next door. The huge balcony of this proposal will overlook that. That is intentional and it is unacceptable.



Secondly, parking. This is a vulnerable road network and it has very bad parking problem at the moment and this application will worsen those problems. The planning officer ignores this and he ignores the objections from the highways officers. He seems keen to push the application through. We wonder why.



Parking for this facility will reduce from 50 spaces... You can get 50 cars at this place at the moment. That will reduce to 11. That is a reduction. Do not listen your officer. He tells that there will be a parking increase. It will be a drastic reduction. Simply by painting white lines on existing space doesn’t increase new parking, does not increase the numbers of parking spaces.



You have the evidence from local residents, you have the evidence from the petition that was gathered from 80 properties, 80 households in the area saying that this application will simply worsen the existing problems. Blocked roads, blocked driveways, people parking on double yellow lines, people using disabled patches from other cars, and then when chump people parking on private land in front of front doors and then when challenged saying: “It’s only for an hour or two.” There is nothing that you can do about it. Or worse.



If you are... If you want to promote harmony... This... Promoting this Islamic centre is not the way to do it. It will worsen existing problems. It is a matter of public safety: emergency vehicles won’t be able to get in here during Mosque hours. It takes 20 minutes to get out, for residents to get out of this area at the moment, during Mosque hours and that could create liability for the council.



And that brings me to the third point: your powers. The local authority does not have the power to grant planning permission for this application. Promoting Islamic doctrine is, unfortunately, contrary to incitement law, public order law and hate speech law. If you... You have no power to do that. If you do that, you can be liable. You cannot grant planning permission to me to open up a garage for selling stolen cars. You have no power to do that.



You can be civilly liable because you’re doing something ultra vires  that’s outside of your powers. You may be criminally liable because hating and abetting is an offense. You should not think that simply because we live in a politically correct era that you will not be held accountable if you make the decisionwhere you expose yourself. You need to know the position that you are in, the legal position and you should take legal advice on that.



The politically correct fog will get blown away. The wind is shifting and you will be left, you will be left exposed with people looking at you. So, don’t grant the planning permission for this application. Thank you.




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