Morning Joe Suggests Trump Wants American Journos Jailed or Killed

Christopher Reeves | November 27, 2017
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On Monday’s Morning Joe, host Joe Scarborough and rest of the show’s liberal pundits expressed their extreme frustration with President Trump for one of his Thanksgiving weekend tweets where he criticized CNN International as being “a major source of (Fake) news.” Former Obama White House Press Secretary and guest panelist Josh Earnest responded by lamenting that Trump was “undermin[ing]” “journalists who [are] on the front lines” “risking their lives,” but failed to mention that his former boss spied on several American journalists and press outlets for seeking information on government leaks and even threatened journalists with prosecution for reporting on them. With absolutely no evidence, Scarborough came to the conclusion that Trump’s comments were intended to encourage “tyrants” to “jail” or “do worse” to American reporters because the press “won't kiss [Trump’s] ass every day on the air.”

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