Morning Joe Panel Compares Trump to Erdogan, Slams His 'Enemies List'

Ryan Foley | July 25, 2018
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During Tuesday's edition of Morning Joe, the panel engaged in quite a bit of hyperbole when reacting to President Trump's threat to revoke the security clearances of former Obama administration officials including former CIA Director John Brennan.  According to panelist Richard Haass, "This is an abuse of presidential power...this is Erdogan's Turkey.  This is not what the United States of America should be."  Host Joe Scarborough seemed to agree with that analysis: "This is, I mean, talk about Erdogan, it reminds me, David Ignatius, of what happened with Erdogan after he took control in Turkey, who did he go after first?  He went after the generals, he went after the military."  After the panel grew tired of comparing President Trump to a dictator, they began comparing him to Nixon, with panelist David Ignatius describing the President's intention to revoke clearances as a "political enemies list, pure and simple."

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