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Morning Joe: ‘Children Being Treated Like Terrorists At An Interrogation Camp,’ Pence ‘Pathetic’


On Monday’s Morning Joe, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinksi held the Trump administration culpable for the treatment of children at the border, going so far as to impugn Vice President Mike Pence as a liar and “pathetic.” Scarborough charged: “Children being treated like terrorists at an interrogation camp.”

Scarborough turned it into a racial matter, pleading: “There have to be Republican senators that have children and grandchildren who actually understand that it doesn’t matter what color these children’s skin is. They’re just as precious in god’s sight...” 

After a clip of Pence with which the morning show hosts disagreed, Mika Brzezinski countered: “No, actually, no Mr. Vice President, you’re pathetic.” Scarborough added: “That’s just a lie. Mike Pence is lying.” 

>> This video clipped to illustrate Paul Bedard's June 24 Liberal Media Scream for the Washington Examiner <<

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