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Montage of Univision's Persistent Abuse of 'Anti-Immigrant' Label


FELIX DE BEDOUT, ANCHOR, NOTICIERO UNIVISION: The federal government tries to establish a strong anti-immigrant policy as do politicians and legislators.

ILIA CALDERON, ANCHOR, NOTICIERO UNIVISION: Despite the anti-immigrant policy of the Trump administration, thousands of Central Americans continue to risk crossing the border.

VIVIAN AVILA, CORRESPONDENT, NOTICIERO UNIVISION: Activists say that in the face of the anti-immigrant rhetoric of Governor Bruce Reuner.

PATRICIA CALDERON, ANCHOR, NOTICIERO UNIVISION: EDICION NOCTURNA: And here in the United States, Donald Trump’s administration continues its anti-immigrant crusade.

ENRIQUE ACEVEDO, ANCHOR, NOTICIERO UNIVISION: EDICION NOCTURNA: Central to his anti-immigrant policy, President Trump.

PEGGY CARRANZA, CORRESPONDENT, NOTICIERO UNIVISION: Activists fear that President Donald Trump will use this study to intensify his anti-immigrant policy.

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