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Mollie Hemingway Hammers Media for False Kelly Quitting Stories


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In a surprise appearance in the White House Briefing Room on Thursday, Chief of Staff John Kelly address the press to dispel all their rumors (aka news reports) that claimed he was unhappy in his position and was thinking about leaving. And in a panel discussion on Fox News Channel’s Special Report, Federalist journalist Mollie Hemingway went to town on the media for over-relying on “unreliable anonymous sources.

In opening up the discussion on the topic, Anchor Bret Baier noted just how many reports he saw that insisted Kelly was on his way out of the White House. “It was very frustrating for me when he said that he wasn't quitting today and the room erupted in laughter as if it were really funny,” Hemingway lamented. “They go when they write all these stories every few days about how he's quitting and they have the best sources that he’s quitting and when he denies that they act like it's funny.

It's not funny to have so many stories based on unreliable anonymous sources. And the public can't check the sources,” she exclaimed.


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