Mitchell Shocked DOJ Would Sue States For Violating Constitution

Alex Christy | April 28, 2020
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[See NewsBusters for more.] On her Tuesday show, MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell was in disbelief at the idea that the Department of Justice's Civil Rights Division might sue states and localities for violating the constitution with excessive stay-at-home orders. It was not the first time Mitchell expressed confusion at the idea that the constitution still applies, even during a pandemic.

Mitchell asked Jeremy Bash if there was something else to Attorney General Barr's memo, directing U.S. Attorneys to be on the lookout for unconstitutional orders, "[Barr] has been arguing that there may be federal lawsuits, having not coincidentally, perhaps, the Detroit Assistant U.S. Attorney in Detroit, which is of course Michigan, key battleground state where the president has been battling with the governor for her restrictions. Look at states where the governments may be too restrictive."