Mitchell, MSNBC Crew Still Fretting Over Comey Muddying Hillary’s ‘Triumphant Week’


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<p>Despite covering both Hillary Clinton&rsquo;s Tuesday rally with President Obama and her Wednesday speech in Atlantic City, NBC News correspondent/MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell and her colleagues were still harping Wednesday afternoon on their narrative that FBI Director James Comey&rsquo;s announcement has <strong>&ldquo;overshadowed&rdquo; </strong>Clinton&rsquo;s campaign and what<strong> &ldquo;was supposed to be a triumphant week.&rdquo;</strong></p>

<p>Ahead of Clinton&rsquo;s speech near a casino formerly owned by Donald Trump, Mitchell brought on fellow correspondent Kasie Hunt to further promote the line that&rsquo;s now over 24 hours old that even though Comey&rsquo;s recommendation of no charges was Clinton&rsquo;s desired outcome, he nonetheless had muddied or overshadowed her plans for the week.&nbsp;</p>

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