Mitchell Makes Blanket Attempt to Tie Trump Supporters to Celebrating Win at Neo-Nazi Event


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<p>On the heels of CBS and NBC spending over five minutes providing a platform for a neo-Nazi conference, MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell continued the media&rsquo;s normalization of bigotry (unlike what they try to do with religious freedom supporters) by sloppily insinuating that <strong>&ldquo;supporters of Donald Trump&rsquo;s election&rdquo;</strong> congregated with <strong>&ldquo;the alt-right&rdquo; </strong>at the National Policy Institute (NPI) conference.</p>

<p><strong>&ldquo;Supporters of Donald Trump&rsquo;s election and the alt-right gathered in Washington this weekend at the Reagan Building, a government facility, to celebrate with white supremacist speech and echoes of signature language from Nazi Germany,&rdquo;</strong> Mitchell declared at the onset of a six-minute segment about it.</p>

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