Mitchell Knocks Bernie’s Black Endorsements, Argues Reagan Dems Were Racists


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<p>In an otherwise dull and abbreviated evening of live coverage on Saturday night dedicated to the South Carolina Democratic Primary, MSNBC host/NBC News correspondent Andrea Mitchell touted the argument an anonymous former Democratic governor that Reagan Democrats were actually ardent backers of segregationist George Wallace.&nbsp;</p>

<p>Before that and not long after the network officially projected Clinton&rsquo;s landslide win, Mitchell observed that there was a <strong>&ldquo;disparity&rdquo; </strong>between<strong> &ldquo;his African-American surrogates and hers&rdquo;</strong> with Clinton having Congressman Jim Clyburn (S.C.) and John Lewis (Ga.) while Sanders has <strong>&ldquo;Killer Mike appealing to young people, the rappers, but also, Cornel West, who disagrees strongly with Barack Obama.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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