Mitchell, Dem Senators Plot Strategy, Blame McConnell For Polarization

Alex Christy | January 27, 2022
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[See NewsBusters for more.] MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell spent her Thursday show plotting strategy with Democratic Sens. Patrick Leahy and Mazie Hirono on President Biden's upcoming Supreme Court nominee. The senators also blamed Sen. Mitch McConnell and Republicans for why Supreme Court confirmations have become politicized and instead of pushing back on that talking point, Mitchell wholeheartedly agreed.

Mitchell offered Leahy her advice on how Biden can silence inevitable GOP criticism of whoever Biden nominates, "do you think it would be preferable to have a judge, that would perhaps take one weapon away from, you know, Republican critics or other critics?" She also worried about the future of abortion, "And I also want to ask about the typical response on some of the toughest issues, which is stare decisis, that, you know, precedent rules. But how does a Democratic nominee refer to precedent when that is already clearly in the instance of Roe v. Wade, about to be overturned by a Republican majority."

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