Misinformation: Nets LIE as GOP Saves Country from Election Power Grab

Nicholas Fondacaro | June 22, 2021
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On Tuesday, Senate Republicans saved the country of the Democratic-led federal takeover of the county’s election via the For the People Act. But the liberal broadcast networks were out in force that evening to gaslight their audiences and suggest Republicans had shot down an effort to “expand voting rights” that would have “overhauled” the system. And, of course, they spewed their false claims that the GOP was set to bring back Jim Crow.

CBS Evening News made the strongest case that they were just an extension of the Democratic Party’s press shop. “Well, a Democratic plan to greatly expand voting rights in the U.S. failed tonight in the U.S. Senate. Democrats didn't come close to the 60 votes they needed to advance debate,” anchor Norah O’Donnell announced at the top of the segment.

Ignoring how the bill would ban popular election integrity measures like voter IDs, CBS congressional correspondent Nikole Killion praised the bill as the foil to Republican efforts to secure elections.


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