Memo to ABC, NBC: CBS Is Devoting a LOT of Time to Andrew Cuomo

Scott Whitlock | August 9, 2021
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[See NewsBusters for more.] It’s becoming very clear that Andrew Cuomo isn’t going to resign. Instead, the scandal-plagued Democratic governor is digging in, attempting to save himself from impeachment and conviction. So it’s incumbent on the networks to continue to look into this story and investigate every angle of it. CBS This Morning is showing an interest in doing just that. On Monday, the program devoted 14 minutes and 1 second (three segments) to interviewing accuser Brittany Commisso, a woman who says the New York Governor groped her. In contrast, NBC’s Today only allowed one segment, a mere 3 minutes and 7 seconds. ABC’s Good Morning America, surprisingly, had a much more respectable 5 minutes and 57 seconds over two segments.