Meltdown! Nasty NBC Lashes Out at Boris After Polls Predict Conservative Landslide


Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

On Thursday night, conservatives worldwide were able to relive feelings of jubilation and bask in liberal meltdowns from 2016, thanks to exit polls predicting a Conservative Party landslide in the United Kingdom’s latest General Election. In the end, projections show a resounding mandate to Boris Johnson for Brexit. Unfortunately, the liberal U.S. broadcast networks didn’t take it well.

In particular, the worst such individual was NBC News foreign correspondent Bill Neely, refusing to mention the following in his hideous NBC Nightly News segment: Jeremy Corbyn, the Labour Party, their anti-Semitism, and their far-left proposals. In other words, Neely didn’t just tell a partial picture, but instead almost nothing at all.

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