‘Meet the Press’ Talk: We Need to Condemn All Who Say ‘Illegal Immigrant’

Nicholas Fondacaro | August 4, 2019
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The liberal media hate machine was running at full steam on Sunday in the wake of two mass shootings the left wanted to blame President Trump for. According to frequent NBC and MSNBC guest, radical Princeton professor Eddie Glaude, not only should we condemn the President but we also needed to condemn anyone who used the term “illegal immigrant”.

As NBC political director Chuck Todd turned to Glaude for his two cents, the MTP moderator lauded him for his past radical preaching’s. “I think in a good way making people uncomfortable when you would talk about it. In a way it's like it's time to address it. We do see it shifted the conversation a bit,” Todd boasted.

What does it mean to have a discourse in which people are dehumanized? Where you use a phrase like illegal immigrant,” Glaude bloviated. “Where the phrase itself places that person outside of a certain kind of sense of empathy and decency.”

Meanwhile, the liberal media has taken every opportunity to smear and label Trump voters as racist and worthy of contempt.


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