Media Ignore Armed Robbery History of Daunte Wright as Fox Covers

bradwilmouth | April 14, 2021
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Fox & Friends

April 14, 2021

6:07 a.m. Eastern

BRIAN KILMEADE: Daunte Wright -- everybody knows this is a tragedy. Nobody thinks he should have been shot. He got pulled over for something motor vehicle-related, but there was a warrant out for his arrest for attempted aggravated robbery after choking and holding a woman at gunpoint for $820 a year ago.

So if you pull somebody over -- if you want to debate whether somebody should be pulled over for an expired license or license plates, okay, have that debate -- but if you're the police officer, you run that background, and you find out it's an open warrant for something as serious as this, how do you not make an arrest?

And then he decides to run for it, which is a huge mistake, and then the 26-year veteran makes a huge mistake by using a gun instead of a taser, but it's a series of things. But if you look at the police officer, what does President Obama want him or her to do if you run someone's background, and there's a warrant out for an arrest for something called "aggravated robbery"?



Morning Joe

April 14, 2021

6:17 a.m.

CLAIRE MCCASKILL, MSNBC CONTRIBUTOR:  I do think the shooting of the young man a few miles away a few days ago is really a gut check moment for police departments. Here's what's really sickening about this, Mika. You know why he had a warrant? He had a warrant because he didn't get a notice for a hearing.

And you know what he was charged with? Carrying a gun without a permit in America. Are you kidding me? In most states, you don't even have to have a permit to carry a gun. So there's this thing that goes on where there are people in our communities that are being targeted by police officers and drug through a system that they never escape from. And it contributes to a cascading set of circumstances that hold them back in terms of their lives' opportunities. 

And this is a good example of that in this instance. This young man paid the ultimate price for that. And that is his death. And I do think that everybody in America is going, "Wait a minute, this wasn't an armed robber -- this wasn't a rapist -- this wasn't a murderer -- this was a young man who wouldn't show up at court on a charge that, in most states, wouldn't even be against the law."


CBS This Morning

April 14, 2021













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