Mayor Pete to the Rescue! ABC, NBC Tout Buttigieg as Savior in Ohio Train Derailment Fallout

Curtis Houck | February 21, 2023
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The East Palestine, Ohio train derailment entered a new phase this week as the liberal media blamed Donald Trump for the toxic dump of hazardous chemicals into the air and water supply and painted the semi-present Biden administration and Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg as heroes for this working class town who’ll crack down on the train operator, Norfolk Southern, for any mishandling of the clean-up.

Tuesday gave us two great examples with ABC’s Good Morning America and NBC’s Today as they cheered Buttigieg’s latest stern letter to a company and ABC treating Buttigieg to a softball interview. Over CBS Mornings, they followed CBS’s recent dry spell of all but ignoring the disaster with one sentence allusion to East Palestine in a news brief about a factory explosion near Cleveland.