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Max Boot: 'Hate Monger' Trump is 'Bringing Fascism to America'


Just a day after CNN historian David Brinkley compared President Trump to "demagogues" like Huey Long and George Wallace, the panel on CNN Tonight Friday picked up where he left off. Host Don Lemon actually read aloud the definition of the word demagogue before asking Never-Trumper and Washington Post columnist Max Boot "in your view, who does that sound like?" Boot responded: There's no question, I mean, I don't know how you can dispute that Donald Trump is a demagogue, he is a hate monger, I mean he is really bringing fascism to America." After recycling the comparison to George Wallace, Boot trashed President Trump's "vilification of the opposition" by saying "they want to destroy America." Boot obviously lacks self-awareness; just seconds later, he described President Trump as "a very grave threat to the future of our country." Even liberal CNN commentator Van Jones pushed back on Boot's use of the word fascism, arguing: "I think he's using some authoritarian tendencies here...I wouldn't use the term fascist at this point so I just wanted to say...from my point of view, he's doing a lot of stuff that's bad, I just wouldn't go that far."

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