Matthews, Panel Go Bonkers Over Iran Deal Withdrawal; ‘Chick Hawks’ Giving ‘Moral High Ground’ to Iran

Curtis Houck | May 8, 2018
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Just CNN and the major broadcast networks earlier Tuesday after President Trump’s Iran Deal speech, MSNBC’s Hardball was beside itself over the President’s decision to withdrawal the U.S. from the deal, dubbing it a victory for “chick hawks” like John Bolton drawing America into war with Iran while also “surrender[ing] the moral high ground to Iran.”

“It's a move critics say makes us less safe, I think so, and it could lead to war. Remember when Trump campaigned on no more stupid wars in the Middle East? Well, now the neocons have his ear...So much for the argument against stupid wars. He is now heading towards one, perhaps,” host Chris Matthews screeched in a tease for an Iran segment.

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