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Matthews: GOP Is Becoming the "Party of Jefferson Davis"


<p>Wrapping up MSNBC&#39;s <em>Hardball</em> on February 13, host Chris Matthews said Republicans were becoming &quot;the party of Jefferson Davis.&quot;</p>

<p>&ldquo;Someone should ask Reince Priebus, him being the leader of the Republican Party in this country, why his party is so compelled to deny people the right to vote. Wasn&rsquo;t it Abraham Lincoln &mdash; who would run the risk of being called a Republican-In-Name-Only today &mdash; who won the Civil War so people, especially African Americans, could be regular voting citizens?...Doesn&rsquo;t it [the Republican National Committee] have a responsibility, a moral responsibility, to tell the parties across the country that the party of Lincoln shouldn&rsquo;t become the party of Jefferson Davis? Or is that where we&rsquo;re headed? You tell us, Mr. Priebus.&rdquo;</p>

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