Matthews, Friends: There Was Still Collusion! And Wikileaks Caused Hillary to Lose Pennsylvania!


Check out the link to the full post here from NewsBusters!

Now that the liberal media have had a few weeks since Attorney General Bill Barr’s March 24 letter on the Mueller report, liberal journalists and pundits have returned to insisting that Trump-Russian collusion still took place and it affected voters and thus rendered Trump an illegitimate President. Not surprisingly, that nonsense was alive and well on Thursday’s Hardball.

MSNBC host Chris Matthews was speaking to Congressman Ro Khana (D-CA) when he told him that he was going “to take a minute to explain why I think there was collusion and why I think — these early reports from the Mueller report which we hopefully will get confirmed next week, that the special counsel's operation believes that the Russian intelligence people manipulated Trump's campaign.”

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