Matthews Dreams That Bernie ‘Will Give a Wonderful Soliloquy’ in Trump Debate on Health Care


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<p>On Thursday&rsquo;s <em>Hardball</em>, host Chris Matthews doubled down on his admission that the liberal media would <strong>&ldquo;be rooting for Bernie&rdquo; </strong>Sanders in a possible debate with Donald Trump because Sanders is <strong>&ldquo;a true believer&rdquo;</strong> and dreamed that the socialist candidate would use it to <strong>&ldquo;give a wonderful soliloquy&rdquo; </strong>about the need for universal health care.</p>

<p>Upon hearing a soundbite from Trump promising that the money raised for the debate would go to<strong> &ldquo;women&rsquo;s health issues,&rdquo;</strong> Matthews murmured about Trump being <strong>&ldquo;crazy&rdquo;</strong> and surmised that he could <strong>&ldquo;write the headlines now&rdquo;</strong> as <strong>&ldquo;Bernie Sanders beats him in debate.&rdquo;</strong></p>

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