On Mask Shortage, CBS IGNORES Obama Depleted Supply and Never Restocked

Scott Whitlock | April 8, 2020
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[See NewsBusters for more.] In reporting on America facing a critical shortage of N95 masks during this global pandemic, wouldn’t it make sense to look at how that happened and why America is in this position? Not according to CBS. On Wednesday, CBS This Morning’s Dr. Jon LaPook somehow ignored the fact that Barack Obama depleted the supply of masks and never restocked. You’ll never guess who does get mentioned for blame. (Well, you probably will: Donald Trump.) Co-host Tony Dokoupil introduced, “A Department of Health and Human services report this week echoes urgent calls from hospitals for more supplies. One administrator cited a three to six-month delay for essential items, including those critical N95 face masks.” LaPook passively explained that the supply “is almost depleted” without going into how that happened:

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