Mary Cheney Exemplifies The Left's Tendency Toward Illiberal Egalitarianism/Totalitarianism

papagiorgio200 | November 21, 2013
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Looking around the legacy medias landscape, headlines are predictable, my favorite however, is this one, "Liz Cheney attacks Mary Cheney's marriage."

What? Liz Cheney has said repeatedly this is a states issue... as the Constitution allows. And like many conservative libertarian gay people I know, they also want the courts to stay out of it. HotAir has these two excerpts where Liz clearly explains her position:


Which the the above article says is "attacking her sisters relationship" .. believing the Constitution and its delegated rights to states is now bigotry.

The unmitigated nerve!

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For more clear thinking like this from Dennis Prager... I invite you to visit:

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